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Clearwater Frequent Flyer 6-weight 9' Fly Rod
  • Clearwater Frequent Flyer 6-weight 9' Fly Rod

Clearwater Frequent Flyer 6-weight 9' Fly Rod

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You can keep this 6-weight travel fly rod in your briefcase or backpack.

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From Wisconsin smallies to Wyoming cutthroats, the Clearwater Frequent Flyer 906-4 Fly Rod is an extremely versatile tool built to handle large dries, heavy streamers and weighted nymphs. Cast with power and accuracy, without losing any feel, for a variety of species in rivers, lakes, or streams. Lightweight yet brawny, this rod cuts through the wind, turns over large flies, and helps you pursue the fish of a lifetime, all without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

We can all agree that it's not always convenient to bring your fly rod with youunless it's built in seven pieces. Based on our long-running Frequent Flyer travel fly rodsbut updated with our best-selling Clearwater® rod technology and cosmeticsour new Clearwater Frequent Flyers may spend weeks on end in the back of your car, but when you fish them, they'll feel like they never left your hand.

Rod outfit includes:

Clearwater Frequent Flyer 906-7 Fly Rod Clearwater LA II Reel - Black Clearwater Fly Line weight 6 - Yellow 100 yards of 20lb Dacron backing Cordura rod tube

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