Floating Braided Leader System
  • Floating Braided Leader System

Floating Braided Leader System


Our braided leaders make delicate presentations easier.

Select an item: 7.5' for line weights 4-7
Size: 3X

These braided nylon leaders with Bimini tippets are ideal for delicate dry-fly presentations. Superior turnover power allows for long tippet extensions. These leaders are four times as supple as solid monofilament and are impregnated with a water-repellent formula that eliminates spray over wary fish. One leader and five 5' Bimini tippets on a spool per pack. Leaders come in 7.5' and 9' lengths. Choose desired length, diameter, and finally match it up with the rod weight of your choice. Imported.
In 7.5' 3X-5X, recommended for 4- to 7-wt. line; 9' 3X-7X, choose between 3- to 5-wt. line or 6- to 7-wt. line.

Please note: Bimini tippets by nature of their construction can vary in length and may cause the braided leader system to exceed 9'. You can use as is, or if the extra length is a concern, you can simply trim the tippet end to the desired length to reach an exact 9' leader.

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