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Women's Wading Gear:

Our fly-fishing gear offers unbeatable performance and durability in jackets, waders, and boots designed to offer a more comfortable fit specifically for women. You want breathable, waterproof fly-fishing gear with lightweight, yet durable construction—ours is built to stand up to days on the water without quitting before you’re finished. And no more trying to fit into gear made for him—our women’s fly-fishing gear is contoured to fit perfectly for ease of moment, and is strategically reinforced for less bulk. Jackets built to withstand pounding rain or the chill of a foggy morning promise to keep you comfortably dry for hours on the water. Our wading boots offer grippy, non-slip performance so you can pick your way across slick rocks on the way to your favorite fishing spot. Outfit yourself with our women’s wading gear for more productive time on the water.