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Beads & Coneheads: Every fly tier knows that having a well-rounded assortment of beads and coneheads allows them to create unique fly patterns and catch more fish. Our collection of fly-tying beads and coneheads has something for almost any fly-tying application. The designs of our basic round beads offer the colors and size you need to create exciting new patterns. Enhance your emerger and nymph patterns with our Killer Caddis Glass beads. Available in a variety of colors, these small glass beads are a must-have for tying midge patterns that produce results time and time again. The eye-catching colors of our Rainbow Brass Beads are sure to attract fish in any conditions. These fly-tying beads have a kaleidoscope of colors and reflect different color hues as your fly moves through the water. These beads are an excellent choice when tying large prospecting nymphs and stoneflies. Choose from our selection of tungsten fly-tying beads and start tying flies that get deeper quicker. Twice as heavy as the same size brass beads and heavier than lead, these beads keep your fly in the strike zone. Adding tungsten beads or coneheads to your fly patterns makes them incredibly effective for getting streamers and nymphs down where big fish feed. Fish Skull coneheads are the latest innovation in fly tying and offer a fresh alternative to the old-style dumbbells or cones. Take your streamer fly patterns one step further with the Fish Skull Sculpin Heads. Designed with a flat and broad profile these coneheads imitate common bottom dwelling fish species such as sculpin and catfish. Whether you need a simple bead for tying standard nymphs or an innovative conehead for large streamers, browse our collection of beads and coneheads to find exactly you're looking for.