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Our mayfly fly-fishing nymphs bear an uncanny resemblance to the real thing—and the trout think so, too. This collection of flies incorporates a variety of patterns mimicking different mayfly nymphs’ characteristics. Mayfly nymphs living underneath the surface of the water are a major source of food for trout. These nymphs have evolved with different characteristics to help them survive through adulthood: Some have flattened bodies made to cling to rocks to withstand a river’s current, some have streamlined bodies to help them swim, and others have strong legs to burrow into the silt on the bottom of the river. We've included the buggiest features to tempt hungry trout. Browse our impressive collection of lifelike mayfly nymphs and find the perfect patterns to add to your fly box. These classic producers that work just about anywhere, are well made and will stand up over time.