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Body Materials: Our selection of fly-tying body materials provides you endless fly-tying opportunities—we strive to offer you a unique collection of quality body materials that live up to your standards. Chenille is a popular and versatile tying material for adding bodies to both fresh- and saltwater flies. It's is easy to work with and can be used in a variety of fly-tying applications. Available in several types and colors, chenille is an excellent body material for both nymph and streamer flies. Or create realistic body patterns with our easy-to-use CCT Body Fur. This body material is excellent for tying saltwater baitfish patterns. Simply wind the material onto the hook, comb and trim to shape. Enhance your saltwater baitfish bodies with Pearlescent Flat Braid. This fly-tying body material is made from braided pearl fibers to create a scale-like body on saltwater flies. Pearlescent Flat Braid is great for shrimp bodies, saltwater baitfish, or flash on nymph wing cases. For smaller nymphs and midge fly patterns, Stretch Tubing helps to create lifelike segmented bodies. This body material is available in multiple colors and boasts excellent stretch and flexibility. Browse our collection of high-quality body materials and find exactly what you need to enhance your fly-tying creations.