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Leaders & Tippet: Orvis has the leaders and tippet to set you up for angling success and enjoyment, offering a huge range of strengths, sizes, lengths, and constructions from nylon, fluorocarbon, and wire leaders for your toothy critter obsessions. Use the sinking poly leaders for all your days salmon and steelhead searching, or throw one on when it's time to find that huge king brown trout that calls the bottom of the pool its home. Try the braided floating leaders with the bimini tippet material for the most graceful and delicate dry fly presentations. The leader and tippet pack for both SuperStrong nylon and Mirage fluorocarbon are perfect for the one-stop shopping when it's time to make sure you have it all before you head out the door and hit the water. The Mirage fluorocarbon leaders and tippet are unmatched for your subsurface nymph and streamer fishing for those weary, highly pressured fish that we all love to obsess over tricking. The enjoyment of a perfect cast is only possible with a precisely tapered leader matched to your fly and rod weight, and when that moment on the water finally comes and it's time to lay out that first cast, the only way to make sure that a healthy serving of disappointment isn't on the menu is to make sure you're using the finest and strongest leaders available. Your leader and tippet is the most important piece of any fly-fishing excursion, after all your work and preparation, and all your planning and dreaming. You've got everything else you need—you did the research, you have the rod, reel, and flies you're confident will help you pull in the fish of a lifetime. You hiked in for miles, you drove for days, planned the trip all winter long, you slept in the dirt or the back of the truck, and now it's sunrise, and it's go time. But you spent all that effort just to be there and present in that place, and finally hooked that beautiful fish of your dreams, just to have it all heartbreakingly part when your connection is broken at the knot because you thought that old tippet or leader you had laying around would get the job done. We've all had it happen; we want to help you make your dreams come true and put that fish in the net. As anglers, we need options. As a leading outfitter, we at Orvis pride ourselves on supplying enthusiasts throughout the world with all the tools needed to attain the piscatorial dreams of a wide range of angling types and target species.