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Thread & Tinsel & Wire: Orvis offers a variety of fly tying thread and wire—the foundation of all fly patterns—in different colors and sizes, to help you create exceptional quality flies. Ideal for tying wets, dry flies, nymphs, and small streamers, our 6/0 thread is the basic thread for tying standard trout patterns. Made of 100% poly, the 6/0 tying thread grabs and holds materials in place. An indispensable thread for tying tiny flies is our 12/0 tying thread. Although it is nearly half the diameter of standard tying thread, it adds remarkable strength and durability to smaller flies. For anglers who prefer tying larger flies, the Saltwater/Bass Thread(G) is nearly as strong as Kevlar, but unlike Kevlar it will not cut through materials. This heavier thread is ideal for tying saltwater flies as well as steelhead and salmon patterns. Add just the right amount of weight to your fly creations with non-toxic wire. Replacing the need for lead wire, this wire is safe for the environment and it sinks quick. This tying wire winds tightly allowing you to easily add the right amount of weight to any fly without unnecessary bulk. When tying smaller midges and nymphs, Ultra Wire is a great way to build segmented bodies and add weight. This durable tying material is extremely flexible and easily wraps tightly around the shank of any hook. Available in a variety of colors, Ultra Wire is a must-have material for tying both fresh and saltwater flies. Browse our selection of fly-tying thread and wire to find exactly what you need and the quality you expect.