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  • Clearwater Freshwater...
    Clearwater freshwater rods are perfect for anglers who primarily fish in freshwater. The Clearwater rods come in multiple line weights that will cover any freshwater fishing scenarios. Available in a variety of lengths, our Clearwater rods have you covered whether you're fishing small, freshwater creeks or wide, western trout rivers. The Clearwater fly rod is designed with a perfect balance of strength and precision, allowing anglers to cast heavy streamer or tiny dry flies. The value and versatility of our Clearwater rods make them favorites among freshwater anglers everywhere. Offered at a great price and backed by a 25-year guarantee, Clearwater rods cannot be beaten.
  • Clearwater Big Game &...
    Clearwater big game and saltwater rods pack a powerful punch when you're fly fishing saltwater. Our line of Clearwater rods includes a variety of sizes—whether you're fishing for spooky bonefish or migrating tarpon, these rods have you covered in all saltwater situations. Clearwater rods also give the angler versatility: from stripers to steelhead, our Clearwater rods accommodate you in both saltwater and freshwater scenarios. Complete with saltwater reel seats and Cordura rod tubes, the Clearwater rods offer great performance at unbelievable prices. Backed by our 25-year guarantee, these saltwater fly rods offer higher quality and better value than you'll find anywhere else.
  • Clearwater Switch &...
    Discover the world of two-handed casting with Clearwater Switch & Spey rods. With a variety of rod sizes to choose from, the Clearwater Spey rods are excellent for fishing larger rivers. Designed in Manchester, Vermont, our Clearwater Spey rods provide high-end performance at excellent prices. Our lighter line of Spey rods is perfect for swinging soft hackles on large trout rivers, while our heavier rods are ideal for steelhead and salmon. Constructed with a solid backbone, our lightweight Clearwater Spey rods make casting big flies in large rivers much easier. Start spey casting with ease with our Clearwater rods, and find that trophy fish you've been looking for.
  • Clearwater Travel Rods

    Traveling with your fly rod has never been easier than with our Clearwater Travel fly rods, part of our Clearwater series. These 6-piece fly rods break down incredibly small for easy transport in your luggage, backpack, or briefcase. The convenience doesn't carry a huge price tag, either; the adaptable, comfortable rods in this collection are also affordable. Our fly/spin combo rod offers you the ability to fish anywhere, anytime, in any conditions while on the road. A variety of line weights ensures you're prepared for whatever catch you're after. Discover the strength and responsiveness built into these fly rods made for travel; versatility and plenty of features allow you to fish wherever your journey takes you. Tuck away this convenient fly rod until you need it—it's always ready for action.

  • Clearwater Combos

    Everything has changed except the value. The new Clearwater Rod Series is a complete overhaul from the ground up by our Vermont rod designers. Each rod is designed with a purpose-built profile and action to handle the fishing the rod would be traditionally used for, from medium-action small stream rods to medium-fast freshwater rods and fast-action big game rods. Designed in Vermont for anglers worldwide.

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Clearwater Rods:

You know the old adage the one that claims you have to pay for quality? Well, our Clearwater® rods turn that saying on its head. This best-selling series reaps the rewards of award-winning technology and offers 20 models in flex profiles perfectly suited for the rod’s application. Cast one, price it, compare it, and you will buy it. Designed in the USA.