• Saltwater Flies

    When you’re aiming for those big saltwater fish that offer an impressive fight, you’ll want plenty of saltwater flies on hand. Take these saltwater fly patterns to the flats and watch the strikes roll in—earn strikes with lifelike realism and a fantastic cast. Entice saltwater game with versatile fly patterns that mimic dinner in the feeding zone. Tarpon, permit, and bonefish can’t resist the effective patterns in our collection. From top-performing favorites to the out-of-the-box patterns that are just so wild they work, you’ll be hooking up and hauling in more monster fish than ever before.

  • Dry Flies & Emergers
    While trout are notoriously selective feeders, emergers are tempting for them and account for a large portion of their diet. So why not capitalize on this phenomenon by using our beautifully crafted dry flies designed for just that purpose? Available in different sizes, these fly-fishing emerger flies realistically imitate spring mayflies, caddis, and midges, later in the season. Their versatility places them among the most useful fly-fishing flies to keep in your box. Proven and consistent producers, these flies should be your go-to patterns for top-water action.
  • Nymphs
    Everyone knows trout do most of their feeding underwater, which is the reason experienced anglers always include wet flies and nymphs in their fly box. Our huge collection of popular fly-fishing nymphs includes high quality, well-known producers, that work on rivers and stillwater all over the country. These flies realistically imitate the trout’s favorite nymph species, including caddis, mayfly, and midges, to name a few. Nymphing for trout can be tricky when you don’t know what’s hatching so we offer a variety of prospecting nymph fly patterns as well.
  • Streamer Flies

    Versatile streamer hooks make the perfect base for tying flies that deliver big fish. Our heavy-duty streamer hooks are built to withstand feisty fish without flinching. Sharp teeth and tough mouths? No problem. Tie up some streamers with our hooks—they can stand up to explosive stikes from those powerful, toothy fish. If you want to add some lifelike action to your streamer patterns, our articulated shanks are the way to go. They allow you to tie your favorite articulated streamer flies with less effort, so you can get down to business on the water. Head out with flies tied on our streamer hooks and earn some incredible fish stories.

  • Wet Flies

    Fly fishing with emerging wet fly patterns is an excellent and proven way to catch trout feeding just below the surface. Our wet flies imitate caddis, blue-winged olives, stoneflies, Pale Morning Dun (PMD) mayflies, and more. Choose from a variety of wet flies such as Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail, Purple Haze, Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear, March Brown Wet fly, and many more. Wet flies are versatile fly patterns and make excellent dropper flies on a dry-dropper setup or traditional nymph rig. These flies are ideal for fly fishermen who enjoy swinging wet flies on large rivers and small streams for picky trout; add them to your fly box and be ready to match the hatch.

  • Dorado & Tararira Flies

    Only the best hooks for tying Golden Dorado and Wolf Fish flies.

  • Steelhead & Salmon Flies

    Whether you're nymphing or swinging flies, some of the most satisfying days on the water are spent fishing for steelhead or salmon. We’ve got the flies you need, from the essentials to unexpected patterns that trigger impressive strikes. Attract fish with an array of realistic fly patterns designed for success. The steelhead and salmon offers a big fight, it’s why we endure some of the less pleasant fishing conditions, entice these feisty fish in any season with buggy patterns and egg flies that mimic their favorite food sources. Let the excitement build with every bump, and celebrate when you net the catch of the season.

  • Carp Flies
    Fly fishing for carp requires patience—and a variety of carp flies made to handle the job. We’ve got one of those covered for you. This picky fish isn’t always in the mood to tangle, but when it is you’d better buckle up. To earn a battle worth bragging about, arm yourself with flies that display realistic movement and lifelike features for big strikes and bigger fights. A versatile collection of flies will ensure you’ve got the right pick to get where hungry carp are spending their time—reach bottom feeding fish with ease or attract carp hanging closer to the surface with lightweight flies that offer a gentle drop. We’ve gathered our favorite carp-catching flies to fill out your fly box so whichever pattern you choose, you’re on your way to more hookups.

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Flies: Anglers can never have too many flies. Our large selection of flies includes trusted fly patterns used by anglers around the world. Choose from nymphs, wet flies, streamers, egg flies, steelhead flies, dry flies, saltwater flies and many others. Created by fly-fishing professionals, these flies are exactly what you need to catch picky and high-pressured fish. For anglers who enjoy fly fishing large surface patterns, we have a great selection of top water terrestrial flies that are sure to bring large trout to the surface. Our flies come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can match the hatch wherever you are fly fishing. Explore our selection of saltwater flies and find the right fly patterns before your next saltwater fly-fishing adventure. No matter where your fly fishing adventures take you, we have the flies you need.