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Fishing Gloves & Socks: Keep your hands and feet protected from the elements wearing technical fishing gloves and socks from Orvis. From fingerless gloves to neoprene socks, these essential fishing accessories make staying on the water longer easier and more enjoyable, even in the toughest fishing conditions. Whether you need winter fishing gloves or neoprene socks for wet wading, we have the best selection to keep you protected and comfortable all day long. Cold-weather anglers love our fingerless gloves; the poly fleece construction provides warmth where you need it without sacrificing the dexterity your fingers need. Or choose our breathable, quick-drying sun gloves to protect your hands from harmful UV rays; these technical fishing gloves are extremely lightweight and fit snug so they won't interfere with your fishing. Your feet will enjoy unmatched fit and comfort when you fish in our boot and wader socks. Constructed of merino wool and stretch nylon, and boasting a padded sole, these socks promise your feet the comfort and protection you need on the water. Available in a mid- or heavy-weight style, these socks are always the perfect choice to layer under your waders. Whether you're fishing in cold or hot climates, our collection of fishing gloves and socks is designed for ultimate comfort and built to withstand everyday use.