Fly Line & Backing


  • Freshwater Fly Lines
    Find the perfect fly line for any freshwater fishing situation in our large selection of freshwater fly lines. Our fly lines are available in a variety of weights for all freshwater applications. The newly designed freshwater floating fly line incorporates micro-texture technology to reduce friction and optimize flotation. Try the depth-charge freshwater line when fly fishing faster currents and deeper runs. With a variety of fly lines to choose from, our selection has the right fly line for all freshwater anglers. Orvis fly lines have been designed with the latest technology to deliver the ultimate in distance, accuracy, and durability to enhance your time on the water.
  • Saltwater Fly Lines
    Find the right fly line for any species and conditions you encounter in our selection of high-performance saltwater fly lines. Whether you need a delicate presentation on a shallow flat for tailing bonefish, need to get deep to stripers feeding in a rip, or are targeting suspended tarpon just a few feet down, we have the perfect saltwater fly line for the situation. Our saltwater fly lines come in popular line weights used to target multiple saltwater species. The new and improved coating allows our fly lines to cast further with less effort by producing faster line speeds. Designed with a braided monofilament core, these fly lines perform outstandingly in saltwater environments. Orvis fly lines have been designed with the latest technology to deliver the ultimate in distance, accuracy, and durability to enhance your time on the water.
  • Golden Dorado Fly Lines

    Lines specially selected for Fly Fishing Dorados. They are lines that, due to their design, allow you to easily cast (cast) large flies. Lines with different temperature ranges that adapt to the different environments of the Dorado and that can be totally floating, with transparent or sinking intermediate points, or lines that sink quickly looking for the bottom! ... They are the lines that adapt to the fishing situations and environments of the Dorado.

  • Two-Handed Lines

    We have designed and developed several specialty Spey and switch fly lines for today's modern fly rods. We also offer shooting head systems and multi-tip lines for versatility on the water. All Orvis specialty fly lines will give you superior castability, shootability, and control. Engineered with micro-texture technology to reduce surface friction, these switch lines allow anglers to overhand or Spey cast with ease. The changing line color determines the sweet spot and loads the rod correctly when Spey casting. The built-in welded loop allows anglers to attach leaders quickly and easily to optimize time on the water. Available in a variety of line grains, our selection of switch and Spey fly lines will have you launching casts to the far bank in no time.

  • Shooting Lines & Tapers

    Shooting Lines and Tapers for custom fly line performance.

  • Fly Line Accessories

    Accessories, Tools and Products for the maintenance and care of your fly fishing lines.

  • Backing
    Fish with confidence knowing you have Orvis fly line backing on your reel. When you want the best or need the ultimate in durability and capacity, choose our gel-spun backing. When you simply need a well-performing, basic backing material, our Dacron backing fits the bill perfectly. Gel-spun backing is ideal for big game anglers who need more capacity for heavier fly line. Gel-spun backing has minimal stretch and maintains 100% of its strength while in the water. Attach your fly line to either high-viz backing or plain white backing before venturing out on your next angling adventure.

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Fly Line & Backing: The Orvis fly line collection combines cutting-edge technology, precision, and years of experience to make our fly line series the best on the market. Explore our selection of fly lines and find exactly what you need before you hit the water. Choose from sinking fly line, floating fly line, intermediate line, running line, sink tip fly line, switch line, salmon/steelhead line, trout line, warm water fly line and many more options. These fly lines come in a variety of colors and weights so you can match the correct line with your fly rod. The Wonderline coating on our fly lines generates faster line speeds so anglers can cast further with less effort and better accuracy. Orvis fly lines are a reliable favorite amongst fly anglers around the country.