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Eyes: Explore our collection of fly-tying eyes, chains, and poppers. Choose from realistic eyes, lightweight chains, and foam popper bodies to start creating lifelike baitfish imitations. Eyes add life to any streamer or baitfish pattern. You can also easily add weight to Clouser minnows and streamer flies with our Prepainted Fly Eyes. The nontoxic dumbbell eyes are pre-printed in contrasting colors for a realistic appearance. They are as good as lead eyes but don’t add toxic waste to our waterways if you lose one. Choose our plated bead chain eyes for adding weight to shrimp and crab patterns. The high-quality silver and gold painting on these fly-tying chains resists rust. This easy-to-tie eye material is perfect for tying a myriad of bonefish and permit fly patterns. Browse our fly-tying popper kit and start creating fresh and saltwater poppers like a pro. Each popper tying kit contains thorough instructions along with 10 high-density bodies and 10 hooks. Our popper kits are the perfect place to begin tying popper flies. Then take your popper flies a step further and add our Solid Plastic Eyes. These realistic 3-D plastic eyes attract fish but add a minimal amount of weight to your fly. Browse our collection of fly-tying eyes, chains, and poppers, and add striking realism to all your fly creations.