Saltwater Flies


  • Tarpon Flies

    From the mangroves of Mexico to the sand flats of the Keys, our tarpon flies have successfully enticed the silver king in saltwater scenarios the world over. Few moments in fly fishing are more exciting than watching a tarpon leap across the water—our tarpon flies are designed to give you more chances to witness this thrilling sight, time and again. Choose from time-tested tarpon flies such as Malzone's Purple Demon, Tarpon Toad, Tarpon Bunny, and more, in a variety of sizes and colors. Our collection includes options for every tarpon fly angler. The next time you're stalking a string of migrating tarpon, cast with confidence knowing you have one of our superior-quality flies tied on the end of your line.

  • Baitfish Imitations

    Saltwater anglers can't go wrong with a large assortment of baitfish flies in their fly boxes. Baitfish are a common food source for freshwater and saltwater species, making them essential patterns for any fly angler. Our baitfish flies have been developed and tested by professional anglers around the world, and they’re sure to tempt fish in all types of water. Designed to mimic baitfish in fresh and saltwater environments, our flies are ideal for catching snook, redfish, tarpon, rooster fish, jacks, trout, salmon, steelhead, stripers, albies, pike, and many other species. Load your fly box with our baitfish flies, available in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Bonefish & Permit Flies

    Fill your box with these bonefish and permit flies before booking your fishing trip to the tropical flats. Explore our selection of shrimp and crab flies specifically designed to attract bonefish or permit in all locales. Our selection of saltwater bonefish flies includes a variety of colors and sizes to help you feel confident when casting to a tailing bonefish. Designed and developed by professional anglers, these fly patterns have been tested in tropical flats around the world, and they’re the best bonefish flies on the market. So whether you're looking for a swimming crab pattern, or a shallow water shrimp, or something generally buggy and sure to tempt toothy fish, our selection of bonefish and permit saltwater flies has you covered.

  • Crab Flies

    Making a cast to a tailing bonefish or permit is stressful enough—choose from our selection of quality crab flies and feel confident when you cast. Saltwater anglers around the world will admit that having a variety of crab flies will increase your success on the flats. We couldn't agree more, and this is why we’ve curated a collection of crab flies proven to be highly effective on the flats. Designed with the perfect balance of weight and movement, our crab flies are excellent for anglers targeting spooky bonefish, permit, and stripers in skinny water. Our crab flies come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, so you're covered in any saltwater fishing scenario.

  • Saltwater Poppers Flies
    Saltwater Poppers for fly fishing
  • Redfish & Drums

    If your saltwater adventure includes angling for snook, redfish, or sea trout, the flies in this collection are ready to perform. From redfish-approved flies with plenty of flash to realistic patterns snook can’t pass up, this collection promises the best flies for the job. Fool fish with appealing flies that swim, undulate, and crawl along the bottom. If your preferred catch is sea trout, snap up a few shiny, eye-catching patterns that perform on the flats. Explore flies that mimic shrimp—a favorite of the redfish—with tempting movement and lifelike action sure to entice a strike. These versatile flies are whatever the fish want them to be, which means more hook-ups for you.

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Saltwater Flies:

When you’re aiming for those big saltwater fish that offer an impressive fight, you’ll want plenty of saltwater flies on hand. Take these saltwater fly patterns to the flats and watch the strikes roll in—earn strikes with lifelike realism and a fantastic cast. Entice saltwater game with versatile fly patterns that mimic dinner in the feeding zone. Tarpon, permit, and bonefish can’t resist the effective patterns in our collection. From top-performing favorites to the out-of-the-box patterns that are just so wild they work, you’ll be hooking up and hauling in more monster fish than ever before.