Fly-Tying Materials


  • Beads & Coneheads
    Every fly tier knows that having a well-rounded assortment of beads and coneheads allows them to create unique fly patterns and catch more fish. Our collection of fly-tying beads and coneheads has something for almost any fly-tying application. The designs of our basic round beads offer the colors and size you need to create exciting new patterns. Enhance your emerger and nymph patterns with our Killer Caddis Glass beads. Available in a variety of colors, these small glass beads are a must-have for tying midge patterns that produce results time and time again. The eye-catching colors of our Rainbow Brass Beads are sure to attract fish in any conditions. These fly-tying beads have a kaleidoscope of colors and reflect different color hues as your fly moves through the water. These beads are an excellent choice when tying large prospecting nymphs and stoneflies. Choose from our selection of tungsten fly-tying beads and start tying flies that get deeper quicker. Twice as heavy as the same size brass beads and heavier than lead, these beads keep your fly in the strike zone. Adding tungsten beads or coneheads to your fly patterns makes them incredibly effective for getting streamers and nymphs down where big fish feed. Fish Skull coneheads are the latest innovation in fly tying and offer a fresh alternative to the old-style dumbbells or cones. Take your streamer fly patterns one step further with the Fish Skull Sculpin Heads. Designed with a flat and broad profile these coneheads imitate common bottom dwelling fish species such as sculpin and catfish. Whether you need a simple bead for tying standard nymphs or an innovative conehead for large streamers, browse our collection of beads and coneheads to find exactly you're looking for.
  • Thread & Tinsel & Wire
    Orvis offers a variety of fly tying thread and wire—the foundation of all fly patterns—in different colors and sizes, to help you create exceptional quality flies. Ideal for tying wets, dry flies, nymphs, and small streamers, our 6/0 thread is the basic thread for tying standard trout patterns. Made of 100% poly, the 6/0 tying thread grabs and holds materials in place. An indispensable thread for tying tiny flies is our 12/0 tying thread. Although it is nearly half the diameter of standard tying thread, it adds remarkable strength and durability to smaller flies. For anglers who prefer tying larger flies, the Saltwater/Bass Thread(G) is nearly as strong as Kevlar, but unlike Kevlar it will not cut through materials. This heavier thread is ideal for tying saltwater flies as well as steelhead and salmon patterns. Add just the right amount of weight to your fly creations with non-toxic wire. Replacing the need for lead wire, this wire is safe for the environment and it sinks quick. This tying wire winds tightly allowing you to easily add the right amount of weight to any fly without unnecessary bulk. When tying smaller midges and nymphs, Ultra Wire is a great way to build segmented bodies and add weight. This durable tying material is extremely flexible and easily wraps tightly around the shank of any hook. Available in a variety of colors, Ultra Wire is a must-have material for tying both fresh and saltwater flies. Browse our selection of fly-tying thread and wire to find exactly what you need and the quality you expect.
  • Hackle

    We choose our premium fly-tying hackle carefully, from the finest materials. Hackle is a key ingredient for tying nymph and soft hackle flies, and is an essential component of many new and traditional dry flies. Our Hungarian Partridge Skins are among the best materials for this job. The fine-grade Keough hackle feathers are perfect for tying tiny nymphs and creating spinner wings on dry flies. These high quality hen necks are a must-have material for any serious fly tier. Guinea feathers are a traditional hackle and great for tying a myriad of fly patterns. These ultra-select feathers have beautiful markings and make great hackles for steelhead, stillwater, and streamer patterns. The Whiting American Hackle Cape makes tying bigger flies fun and easy. This hackle provides a dense barb, stiff quill and webbing—ideal for saltwater tying applications. Dress up your streamer patterns with Mirror Wrap. This is, without a doubt, the brightest synthetic hackle available. Just a few strands and a couple wraps are all that’s needed to enhance almost any fly. This popular synthetic fly-tying material is a great choice for adding collars to saltwater patterns and spey flies. The best streamer hackle for creating no-fouling flies is our Strung Neck Hackle. The wider shape and thicker stem of this hackle prevent the hackles from fouling around the bend of the hook. Available in a variety of colors, this material is a favorite among saltwater fly tiers. For the ultimate in stiff hackle for high-floating traditional dry flies, choose Whiting 100s packs or Whiting half capes. The 100s packs give you enough hackle to tie about 100 flies of the same size, so they're great if you tie in a narrow size range. For tying dry flies in sizes 10 through 28, choose the Whiting half capes, which offer the full range of sizes. Whether you prefer tying standard freshwater fly patterns or exotic baitfish imitations, our selection of natural and synthetic hackle material has something for almost every fly-tying application.

  • Feathers

    When it comes to tying effective flies, premium fly-tying feathers make all the difference. Our selection of high quality feathers is sure to satisfy even your most demanding fly-tying needs. Here you'll find excellent options for a wide range of fly-tying applications. One of the most useful and versatile feathers a nymph tier can have is the Pheasant Tail. These versatile feathers are used for tying tails, legs, and herl bodies. Our Pheasant Tail feathers are available in several colors to match the natural appearance of different aquatic insects. Peacock Feathers are another widely used fly-tying feather and a key ingredient for tying wet and dry flies. These feathers have a unique shine and texture, making them the ideal choice for tying bodies and wings. Peacock herl is an essential component of flies like the Copper John, Prince nymph, and Zug Bug. Enhance your dry fly patterns and match almost any hatch with our selection of high-quality CDC feathers. Naturally waterproof and buoyant, these feathers keep your fly high and balanced on the water's surface. CDC feathers are a must-have for tying realistic dry fly patterns. Add strike enticing movement to saltwater and spey flies with our selection of marabou feathers. These premium-grade fly-tying feathers are essential for tying large baitfish imitations. Our Barred Marabou has specialty dyed brilliant colors with perfect, even, and consistent barring to give your fly patterns a natural look. Explore our collection of fly-tying feathers and find exactly what you need to make your fly creations the best they can be.

  • Genetic Feathers

    To obtain the best quality of genetic feathers for tying dry flies, we select the best genetic collars and saddles from the most renowned brands such as Whiting Farms (Hoffman), Metz Hackle, Keoug Hackle, Hareline Hackle among others.

  • Dubbing
    Dubbing is a must-have fly-tying material to add lifelike buggy effects to your fly patterns. Our assortment offers several high-quality dubbing materials, including natural and synthetic varieties to help you achieve your desired effect. Our Natural Blended Fur Dubbing is easy to work with and makes a perfect choice for tying more realistic nymph patterns. It also adds natural buoyancy to your dry flies. This dubbing is especially good for tying Hare's Ear nymphs, Adams dry flies, and more. Spectrablend Dubbing is an excellent fly-tying material for tying both nymphs and dry flies. This dubbing material incorporates translucent and reflective fibers, adding sparkle to any fly body. Available as a dry fly dubbing or nymph dubbing, Spectrablend is a versatile material that will help you create more realistic dry fly and nymph patterns. Add attention grabbing flash to your flies with Senyo's Laser Dub. This unique dubbing material combines just the right mix of flash material and synthetic fiber. This dubbing material is great choice for tying eggs, sculpin, muddler heads, bodies, collars, and veils. The durable, long fibers are easy to use and ideal for tying larger streamer flies. Or add realistic detail to your favorite fly patterns with Ice Dubbing. It's an excellent material for tying dry flies, nymphs, and streamers, and presents enticing sparkle to striking fish. Explore our collection of dubbing materials and start tying unique, high-quality fly patterns that catch fish.
  • Hair
    With the right fly-tying hair you can create endless fly patterns that produce fish. Our selection of fly-tying hair offers a wide range of natural and synthetic materials for every fly-tying application. Elk hair is a staple tying material for creating some of the most productive dry flies—it's ideal for tying muddler heads, caddis wings, and tails. Our elk hair comes in several colors and sizes, allowing you to tie a variety of dry flies. Comparadun hair is some of the finest hair used in fly tying. Ideal for tying small duns and micro-caddis, this fly-tying hair is often the preferred choice because of its fine texture, straightness, and buoyancy. Comparadun hair is also essential for tying the Sparkle Dun and X-Caddis patterns. Tie big dry flies and poppers with our colorful selection of spun deer hair. This fly-tying hair spins easily and it’s the ideal choice for tying bass bugs, hoppers, and terrestrials. An essential ingredient for tying anything from split wing dry files to bonefish patterns, our calf body hair is the perfect material for tying posts into dry flies. Calf tail hair is a finer, more crinkly material, making it the ideal choice for tying smaller Wulff-style dry files. For those who prefer tying larger fly patterns, such as streamers and saltwater baitfish, arctic goat fur helps create a strike-enticing motion in the water. Extremely soft and long, with a very fine diameter, this fly-tying hair gives lifelike action to streamers and tube flies. If you're searching for the best collection of fly-tying hair look no further: explore our selection of premium fly-tying hair and find the quality you demand.
  • Body Materials
    Our selection of fly-tying body materials provides you endless fly-tying opportunities—we strive to offer you a unique collection of quality body materials that live up to your standards. Chenille is a popular and versatile tying material for adding bodies to both fresh- and saltwater flies. It's is easy to work with and can be used in a variety of fly-tying applications. Available in several types and colors, chenille is an excellent body material for both nymph and streamer flies. Or create realistic body patterns with our easy-to-use CCT Body Fur. This body material is excellent for tying saltwater baitfish patterns. Simply wind the material onto the hook, comb and trim to shape. Enhance your saltwater baitfish bodies with Pearlescent Flat Braid. This fly-tying body material is made from braided pearl fibers to create a scale-like body on saltwater flies. Pearlescent Flat Braid is great for shrimp bodies, saltwater baitfish, or flash on nymph wing cases. For smaller nymphs and midge fly patterns, Stretch Tubing helps to create lifelike segmented bodies. This body material is available in multiple colors and boasts excellent stretch and flexibility. Browse our collection of high-quality body materials and find exactly what you need to enhance your fly-tying creations.
  • Legs & Wings & Tails
    Adding legs, wings and tails gives your fly creations the buggy look they need to catch more fish—if you're searching for the best collection of these essential fly tying materials, look no further. Add silicone legs to nymph patterns and large dry flies—they're a superb tying material for adding legs to nymphs, foam dry patterns, poppers, and crab flies. Made from 100% silicone, these tying legs will not degrade when exposed to UV light. We offer several types of tying legs to choose from, including flutter legs to create a tantalizing wiggle when moving through the water; their flat shape produces a fluttering effect that fish can’t resist. These silicone rubber tying legs are perfect for streamers, large dry flies, bass poppers, and more. Incorporate thin skin into your fly-tying arsenal to create life-like wings and wing casings on nymphs and dry flies. Thin skin is a synthetic fly-tying material that is stretchable, transparent, and extremely effective for tying nymph wing cases and backs for scuds and shrimp. One side is matte and the other shiny; thin skin provides an underwater flash that attracts fish while the transparency adds lifelike realism. Medallion Sheeting is another material that's ideal for adding realistic wings to your fly patterns. Made from a thin film with a slightly mottled look, this material allows you to tie flawless wings and wing cases. For flies that sit a little lower in the water, our high-floating parachute post material is great for spinner wings, emerger wing cases, and split-wing dry flies. Treated with Water Shed for buoyancy, this fly-tying wing material is sure to keep your flies riding high. Our mayfly tails are a go-to tying material for adding lifelike tails to dry flies. These ultra-fine fibers are naturally tapered, making them ideal for creating tails, legs, and feelers on small and large mayfly imitations. Add strike-enticing action to nymphs and streamers with articulated wiggle tail shanks, specifically designed to add lifelike tail action. Add more life to your fly-tying patterns with our selection of fly-tying legs, wings, and tails.
  • Eyes
    Explore our collection of fly-tying eyes, chains, and poppers. Choose from realistic eyes, lightweight chains, and foam popper bodies to start creating lifelike baitfish imitations. Eyes add life to any streamer or baitfish pattern. You can also easily add weight to Clouser minnows and streamer flies with our Prepainted Fly Eyes. The nontoxic dumbbell eyes are pre-printed in contrasting colors for a realistic appearance. They are as good as lead eyes but don’t add toxic waste to our waterways if you lose one. Choose our plated bead chain eyes for adding weight to shrimp and crab patterns. The high-quality silver and gold painting on these fly-tying chains resists rust. This easy-to-tie eye material is perfect for tying a myriad of bonefish and permit fly patterns. Browse our fly-tying popper kit and start creating fresh and saltwater poppers like a pro. Each popper tying kit contains thorough instructions along with 10 high-density bodies and 10 hooks. Our popper kits are the perfect place to begin tying popper flies. Then take your popper flies a step further and add our Solid Plastic Eyes. These realistic 3-D plastic eyes attract fish but add a minimal amount of weight to your fly. Browse our collection of fly-tying eyes, chains, and poppers, and add striking realism to all your fly creations.
  • Cements & Epoxies
    Protect and perfect your flies with our collection of fly tying epoxy, cements, and glues—our premium products keep your flies intact after leaving the vise. Bring your fly patterns together with Liquid Fusion fly-tying glue—a non-toxic, clear urethane, 100% waterproof, and fast-drying glue that thins with water. This tying glue is excellent for coating shrimp backs and nymph wing cases, and for reinforcing fragile feathers. It can also be used as a deep penetrating head cement. Liquid Fusion dries clear and glossy just like epoxy, without the hassle of mixing. Pair this fly-tying glue with our classic epoxy dryer and complete your fly patterns like a professional. The Orvis Classic Epoxy dryer is the most effective fly-tying tool to evenly cure epoxy on your flies. The five-rpm motor turns at the perfect speed to cure two-part epoxy resins. Make epoxy-type flies without the headache and mess of mixing. Softex is a transparent, viscous adhesive that gives flies a pliable, realistic feel. There is no need to rotate your flies when using this fly-tying epoxy. The special self-leveling formula sets in seconds and will never peel, crack, or discolor. Softex is an excellent fly-tying epoxy for covering eyes or flashy materials. Secure 3-D eyes with Zap Gel. This waterproof, strong bond fly-tying glue is extremely easy to use and is thick enough to stay in place when affixing eyes to baitfish patterns. Zap-A-Gap is a famous waterproof superglue and a fly-tying staple. Essential for adding durability to flies, this fly-tying glue does it all: anchors bead chain eyes, reinforces deer hair bass flies, secures foam bodies, and seals the end of fly lines. Create the perfect fly head with our selection of head cements. Our fly-tying cements are quick drying and penetrate deeply into the thread, providing a long-lasting fly head. Our water based fly-tying cement dries clear and thins with water for easier use with tiny flies. These fly-tying cements offer a solid bond to protect your flies cast after cast. Explore our collection of fly-tying cements, epoxies, and glues, and add unmatched realism and durability to your favorite fly patterns.

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Fly-Tying Materials: High-quality fly-tying materials are essential for tying any fly pattern: we offer a large and well-rounded selection of only the best. Our collection of fly-tying materials has something to offer tiers of all abilities. Browse our fly-tying materials and find exactly what you need to tie a variety of freshwater dry flies and nymphs. Our selection of brass and tungsten beads allows you to easily add weight and color to standard trout patterns and small streamers. Available in several sizes and colors, our beads help you create exciting new fly patterns that produce more fish. For anglers who prefer their nymph patterns with a little more weight, our tungsten beads are twice as heavy as brass beads and heavier still than lead, allowing your flies to quickly get down into the feeding zone. Start creating more realistic nymph bodies with our colorful variety of ultra-wire. The flexibility and strength of ultra-wire makes tying midges and nymphs a whole lot easier. A fine-gauged coated copper wire, this material is perfect for adding bodies to innovative patterns like the Copper John and other prospecting nymphs. To easily achieve a more realistic buggy effect, explore our collection of natural blended dubbing. Our natural dubbing is much easier to work with compared to other synthetic materials, and a must-have material for adding life to nymphs and buoyancy to dries. Take your fly tying one step further by adding silicone legs to nymph patterns and large dry flies. Silicone legs are a superb tying material for adding legs to nymphs, foam dry fly patterns, poppers, and crab flies. Made from 100% silicone, these tying legs will not degrade when exposed to UV light. Bring life to your favorite nymphs and streamers with our New Age Chenille. Similar to variegated tinsel chenille, this tying material offers more hot color options and is a fantastic tying material for creating steelhead flies as well as streamers. Our premium fly-tying feathers and synthetics are ideal for creating spey flies, streamers, and saltwater patterns. Our bucktails are meticulously dyed, never greasy, and make an excellent choice for tying all types of streamers and saltwater fly patterns. Add realistic strike-inducing motion to your baitfish flies with our assortment of EP Fibers. A must-have material for saltwater flies, these fibers provide flash, sparkle, and semi-translucence. EP Fibers are incredibly lightweight and add maximum fish-attracting motion to all saltwater flies. In synthetics we also offer Z-Lon, CCT Body Fur to tie Game Changers, Super Hair, Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend, Angel Fibers, Ice Dub, DNA Frosty Fish Fiber, Flashabou, and Krystal Flash. Our premium grade marabou feathers are an essential material for adding lifelike movement to your baitfish imitations. Best used for tying saltwater flies and streamers, our marabou comes in several colors and will absolutely give your flies the action you need to produce more fish. Get your baitfish patterns in the strike zone faster with our selection of coneheads and fish skulls. The fish skull is a weighted head with a realistic baitfish profile and specifically designed for tying innovative freshwater and saltwater streamer patterns. Explore our entire collection of fly-tying materials and find exactly what you need to create innovative, high-quality fresh and saltwater fly patterns