Fly Tying


  • Fly-Tying Materials
    High-quality fly-tying materials are essential for tying any fly pattern: we offer a large and well-rounded selection of only the best. Our collection of fly-tying materials has something to offer tiers of all abilities. Browse our fly-tying materials and find exactly what you need to tie a variety of freshwater dry flies and nymphs. Our selection of brass and tungsten beads allows you to easily add weight and color to standard trout patterns and small streamers. Available in several sizes and colors, our beads help you create exciting new fly patterns that produce more fish. For anglers who prefer their nymph patterns with a little more weight, our tungsten beads are twice as heavy as brass beads and heavier still than lead, allowing your flies to quickly get down into the feeding zone. Start creating more realistic nymph bodies with our colorful variety of ultra-wire. The flexibility and strength of ultra-wire makes tying midges and nymphs a whole lot easier. A fine-gauged coated copper wire, this material is perfect for adding bodies to innovative patterns like the Copper John and other prospecting nymphs. To easily achieve a more realistic buggy effect, explore our collection of natural blended dubbing. Our natural dubbing is much easier to work with compared to other synthetic materials, and a must-have material for adding life to nymphs and buoyancy to dries. Take your fly tying one step further by adding silicone legs to nymph patterns and large dry flies. Silicone legs are a superb tying material for adding legs to nymphs, foam dry fly patterns, poppers, and crab flies. Made from 100% silicone, these tying legs will not degrade when exposed to UV light. Bring life to your favorite nymphs and streamers with our New Age Chenille. Similar to variegated tinsel chenille, this tying material offers more hot color options and is a fantastic tying material for creating steelhead flies as well as streamers. Our premium fly-tying feathers and synthetics are ideal for creating spey flies, streamers, and saltwater patterns. Our bucktails are meticulously dyed, never greasy, and make an excellent choice for tying all types of streamers and saltwater fly patterns. Add realistic strike-inducing motion to your baitfish flies with our assortment of EP Fibers. A must-have material for saltwater flies, these fibers provide flash, sparkle, and semi-translucence. EP Fibers are incredibly lightweight and add maximum fish-attracting motion to all saltwater flies. In synthetics we also offer Z-Lon, CCT Body Fur to tie Game Changers, Super Hair, Steve Farrar’s Flash Blend, Angel Fibers, Ice Dub, DNA Frosty Fish Fiber, Flashabou, and Krystal Flash. Our premium grade marabou feathers are an essential material for adding lifelike movement to your baitfish imitations. Best used for tying saltwater flies and streamers, our marabou comes in several colors and will absolutely give your flies the action you need to produce more fish. Get your baitfish patterns in the strike zone faster with our selection of coneheads and fish skulls. The fish skull is a weighted head with a realistic baitfish profile and specifically designed for tying innovative freshwater and saltwater streamer patterns. Explore our entire collection of fly-tying materials and find exactly what you need to create innovative, high-quality fresh and saltwater fly patterns
  • Hooks
    Explore our premium selection of fly tying hooks. Our Clearwater Hook Assortments offer 180 of the most popular hook sizes and styles for tying everything from tiny dry flies to large streamers. If dry fly hooks are what you need, look no further. Choose from barbless tactical hooks, classic extra-fine hooks, 2X hooks, and more. Whatever dry fly creations you have in mind, our hooks are always reliably strong and sharp. Whether you're tying scud, shrimp, worm, or caddis emerger imitations, our selection of nymph and wet fly hooks offers every variation you need to tie the most durable and lifelike patterns. Our versatile streamer hooks are designed to handle even the most aggressive species of fish. From straight-eye streamer hooks to specialized pike and muskie hooks, ours are razor sharp and built to last. Don’t trust just any hook when tying your favorite steelhead and salmon flies. Our short shank, wide gap egg hooks are exactly what you need when targeting powerful steelhead. Add some lifelike action to your steelhead and salmon flies with articulated shanks. Available in five colors and constructed from stainless steel, these are the go-to shanks that will never let you down. There’s nothing like watching big bass and other aggressive species smash your popper flies on the surface. Start tying your own popper flies with our popular popper fly tying kit. Each kit comes packaged with detailed instructions, ten foam bodies and ten hooks. Saltwater flies need to stand up to the harshest conditions and some of the most aggressive, hard-fighting fish on the planet. Our saltwater hooks are designed to withstand the demands of saltwater fishing. From specialized bonefish and tarpon hooks to pre-sharpened saltwater hooks, we have what you need to hook and land big game species. Featuring Mustad and Gamakatsu hooks, our collection promises you'll be fishing with the best saltwater hooks in the world. Whether you’re pursuing small brook trout in mountain streams or giant tarpon in the Florida Keys, Orvis has the hooks you need to maximize your time on the vise and increase your success rates on the water.
  • Fly Tying Vises
    Explore our collection of fly-tying vises and find the perfect vise to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re just getting started or you're a seasoned pro, our selection has something for everyone. If you’re looking for performance and simplicity, the Regal Vise delivers both. Incredibly user friendly and with no complicated adjustments, this vise makes it easy to tie a dozen flies in no time. Fly fishing and travel go hand-in-hand, and tying flies during your fishing journeys is an essential part of the total experience. Weighing under two pounds and ultra compact, The Regal Travel Vise is the perfect companion for the globe-trotting fly fisherman. If you need more functionality than a traditional vise offers, consider the EZ Rotary Vise. This vise is ideal for getting started in the world of rotary fly tying. And if you’re looking to take your rotary fly tying skills to a new level, the Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise is the perfect choice. If you're a novice, try the Renzetti Apprentice Vise; everybody has to start somewhere, and this vise is the ideal place. Featuring a rotary tension screw, a hinged stem and hardened steel jaws, it's perfect for the beginner, delivering high-end performance at an affordable price. Then maximize your time and efficiency at the bench with some of our most popular fly-tying vise accessories. Winding parachute hackle around the base of a wing has never been easier, thanks to the Gallows Parachute tool. Eliminate eye strain during long tying sessions with the Renzetti Visual Backdrop Plate. This visual enhancer is detachable, reversible and fits on virtually any vise. Organization and tidiness are the hallmarks of an efficient fly-tying station. Our Vise Side Trash Bag easily and quickly attaches to any 3/8” vise stem and functions as a catch-all for unused fly-tying materials. Browse our carefully selected fly-tying vises and accessories and find exactly what you need to complement your style and budget.
  • Fly Tying Tools
    Explore our selection of fly-tying tools and discover the essentials you need to start creating perfect fly patterns. Our line of Super-Smooth Bobbins allows thread to move with ease, giving you smooth and consistent tension. These bobbins are available in three sizes, making it possible to tie consistently with various thread sizes. Find high quality fly-tying scissors that exceed your expectations. Available in arrow point, razor, and all purpose, these surgical-quality scissors are perfect for cutting conventional materials and difficult materials like synthetics and deer hair. Or choose a tool set and enjoy the convenience of essential fly-tying tools in a single kit. Our fly-tying tools are made to the highest standards and built to last for years to come.
  • Lights & Magnifiers
    Bring your flies into focus and add a little extra lighting with the fly tying magnifiers and lamps in our collection. A little optical boost can be handy while tying those tiny dries or attempting to get ribbing just so—our magnifying lamps offer precision at the bench for each intricate loop. Time ticks away while you’re fumbling with the line. Hold-ups fighting with tangles or replacing your tippet mean fewer fish on the hook. Bring our fly-fishing magnifiers on every trip so you can spend more time with your line in the water and less time squinting at it. Extend your fishing trip into the evening hours with magnification tools to make focusing on flies easier, even in the setting sun. Flip down your magnifiers or grab your magnifying fishing glasses for clearer sight on or off the water. Explore our magnification and lighting solutions, indispensable tools at the bench and on the water.
  • Fly Tying Kits
    Our fly-tying kits include everything you need to start the fun and money-saving hobby of fly tying. These kits come complete with detailed instructions and the materials you need for tying popular nymph, dry fly, emerger, and streamer patterns. Each includes a cam-action vise, scissors, whip finisher, bobbin, and other fly-tying essentials to help get you started. Our popular saltwater fly-tying kit provides everything you need to tie Deceivers, Clousers, Flats Candies, Crazy Charlies, and other must-have saltwater fly patterns. Our Fly-Tying Work Center complements any fly-tying kit. This portable fly-tying caddy helps you organize your work surface and make your tying time more productive. Learn the art of fly tying with a kit from Orvis, and start creating your own fly patterns today.

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Fly Tying: Orvis proudly offers a wide array of superior fly-tying supplies for anglers who enjoy filling their fly boxes with unique creations. Explore our selection of fly-tying materials and find exactly what you need to start tying the perfect patterns—browse our beads, fly-tying thread, wire, bucktails, hackle, flash, marabou, chenille, and much more. Or choose a fly-tying kit, ideal for anglers who are just getting into fly-tying and need all the basics. Each kit comes with a vise, scissors, thread, instructions, and all the tools and supplies you need to start tying flies. And if you're looking to organize your supplies, our fly-tying desks and organizing kits offer perfect organizing and storage solutions. Find everything you need in our large collection of fly-tying supplies.