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Fly Tying Vises: Explore our collection of fly-tying vises and find the perfect vise to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re just getting started or you're a seasoned pro, our selection has something for everyone. If you’re looking for performance and simplicity, the Regal Vise delivers both. Incredibly user friendly and with no complicated adjustments, this vise makes it easy to tie a dozen flies in no time. Fly fishing and travel go hand-in-hand, and tying flies during your fishing journeys is an essential part of the total experience. Weighing under two pounds and ultra compact, The Regal Travel Vise is the perfect companion for the globe-trotting fly fisherman. If you need more functionality than a traditional vise offers, consider the EZ Rotary Vise. This vise is ideal for getting started in the world of rotary fly tying. And if you’re looking to take your rotary fly tying skills to a new level, the Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise is the perfect choice. If you're a novice, try the Renzetti Apprentice Vise; everybody has to start somewhere, and this vise is the ideal place. Featuring a rotary tension screw, a hinged stem and hardened steel jaws, it's perfect for the beginner, delivering high-end performance at an affordable price. Then maximize your time and efficiency at the bench with some of our most popular fly-tying vise accessories. Winding parachute hackle around the base of a wing has never been easier, thanks to the Gallows Parachute tool. Eliminate eye strain during long tying sessions with the Renzetti Visual Backdrop Plate. This visual enhancer is detachable, reversible and fits on virtually any vise. Organization and tidiness are the hallmarks of an efficient fly-tying station. Our Vise Side Trash Bag easily and quickly attaches to any 3/8” vise stem and functions as a catch-all for unused fly-tying materials. Browse our carefully selected fly-tying vises and accessories and find exactly what you need to complement your style and budget.