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Fly Fishing


  • Fly Rods
    With more than 150 years of rod building experience, it’s no wonder anglers look to Orvis for the highest quality fly rods in the industry. Our line of fly rods is the best on the market, the culmination of cutting-edge technology, precision, and expertise. Explore our collection of fly rods and find exactly what you're looking for to equip your next fly-fishing adventure. Discover a fly rod for every excursion—saltwater, freshwater, spey casting, small creeks, and warm water applications. Any rod can haphazardly toss a fly through the air: it’s the precision that counts. Accuracy is the hallmark of the Helios 3. The H3 was built to reduce the variables and harness the energy behind each cast—translating to impressive accuracy. No window is too small for this precise rod thanks to the increased hoop strength that reduces vibration for a truly accurate cast. Drop flies right where you want them—every time—with the enhanced power and pinpoint accuracy of the Helios 3 fly rods. Cast the Helios 3D if you’re looking for distance; it blends unmatched power with incredible accuracy. If finesse is your game, the Helios 3F will consistently present a fly at 60 feet with a delicate drop and surprising sensitivity. The Helios 3 offers power, accuracy, and feel, whether you’re fishing a stream or the flats. Our Helios 2 series are the most awarded fly rods on the market. The design is lighter feeling in hand than the original Helios, yet is extremely tough, loads easily for increased accuracy, and offers superior lifting power. The Helios 2 fly rod covers all applications—freshwater, saltwater, switch, and one-piece. Or choose from the 20 models in our best-selling Clearwater series; you’ll find the ideal weight and flex for any application. Travel is a breeze with the Clearwater frequent flyer seven-piece fly rod—it breaks down to pack away easily in your luggage or briefcase. Clearwater switch & spey rods put the world of two-handed casting within reach. The all-new Recon series of fly rods is designed with the adventure angler in mind. Four-piece construction allows for easy storage, and convenient straps secure the rod to a backpack when trekking deep into parts unknown. This rod is incredibly light, yet stands ready to tackle the toughest fish on the greatest adventures. Our Superfine fly rods have the power and precision to accurately present flies, yet with a delicate touch even skittish fish won’t mind. Superfine carbon offers top-notch responsiveness and feel, with plenty of backbone to handle the waters ahead. You’ll crave the crisp, clean cast offered by the Superfine fiberglass rod. Superfine glass boasts modern technology that mingles with a decidedly classic look for a fly rod you’ll want to show off. Our affordable Encounter fly rod outfits are armed with high-grade components perfect for new anglers and seasoned anglers looking for a bargain on a spare. The Encounter comes equipped with a WF floating fly line, large arbor Encounter fly reel, backing, and leader. Orvis takes great pride in outfitting fly-fishing anglers around the globe, as we have for well over a century. Our goal remains the same as it was in the beginning—providing a superior collection of quality fly rods at reasonable prices for the discerning angler.
  • Fly Reels
    Whether you are looking to purchase your first fly-fishing reel or hoping to add a new reel to your collection, Orvis has you covered—the fly reels in our collection are engineered to the exacting standards you expect of us. Our Mirage fly reels offer a completely sealed and maintenance-free drag surface, accurate and repeatable drag settings, and remarkable stopping power. Our Mirage fly reels are built with anodized 6061 T6 aluminium, making them incredibly strong and lightweight. From fly fishing trout to marlin, our line of Mirage fly reels is guaranteed to deliver the performance you demand at an unbeatable price. Hydros fly reels carry the strongest drag system in their class and can be fine tuned to challenge hard fighting fish. Using a stacked washer and positive click drag system, our line of Hydros fly reels sustains durable drag pressure when battling big-game fish. If it is versatility you need, our Access fly reels offer all the benefits of a large arbor reel without the overwhelming size of most large arbors. With a faster retrieve rate and a stainless steel drag surface, Access fly reels take the mid-arbor concept to a new level. From fly fishing bass to bonefish, our line of Access reels is sure to impress every angler. For anglers looking for simple functioning classic fly reels, the CFO and Battenkill reels are timeless and reliable originals. The enhanced click and pawl drag systems make these fly reels a perfect match for most freshwater fly-fishing scenarios. The ultra-lightweight design allows these fly reels to pair perfectly on lighter fly rods, making them an ideal choice when stalking spooky trout on small spring creeks. Modern technology and the classic look you prefer come together in the Battenkill disc reel. This tried-and-true reel features our best-selling mid-arbor design and sealed drag system. The Battenkill disc reel is engineered for top-notch performance, at a reasonable price. Our popular Clearwater fly reels are the best value fly reels on the market. Developed with a Rulon to stainless stacked disc drag system, Clearwater fly-fishing reels deliver the high performance you expect at a fraction of the cost. All Orvis fly reels are constructed from the finest materials and engineered to bring you the style, strength, and durability you need.
  • Fly Line & Backing
    The Orvis fly line collection combines cutting-edge technology, precision, and years of experience to make our fly line series the best on the market. Explore our selection of fly lines and find exactly what you need before you hit the water. Choose from sinking fly line, floating fly line, intermediate line, running line, sink tip fly line, switch line, salmon/steelhead line, trout line, warm water fly line and many more options. These fly lines come in a variety of colors and weights so you can match the correct line with your fly rod. The Wonderline coating on our fly lines generates faster line speeds so anglers can cast further with less effort and better accuracy. Orvis fly lines are a reliable favorite amongst fly anglers around the country.
  • Leaders & Tippet
    Orvis has the leaders and tippet to set you up for angling success and enjoyment, offering a huge range of strengths, sizes, lengths, and constructions from nylon, fluorocarbon, and wire leaders for your toothy critter obsessions. Use the sinking poly leaders for all your days salmon and steelhead searching, or throw one on when it's time to find that huge king brown trout that calls the bottom of the pool its home. Try the braided floating leaders with the bimini tippet material for the most graceful and delicate dry fly presentations. The leader and tippet pack for both SuperStrong nylon and Mirage fluorocarbon are perfect for the one-stop shopping when it's time to make sure you have it all before you head out the door and hit the water. The Mirage fluorocarbon leaders and tippet are unmatched for your subsurface nymph and streamer fishing for those weary, highly pressured fish that we all love to obsess over tricking. The enjoyment of a perfect cast is only possible with a precisely tapered leader matched to your fly and rod weight, and when that moment on the water finally comes and it's time to lay out that first cast, the only way to make sure that a healthy serving of disappointment isn't on the menu is to make sure you're using the finest and strongest leaders available. Your leader and tippet is the most important piece of any fly-fishing excursion, after all your work and preparation, and all your planning and dreaming. You've got everything else you need—you did the research, you have the rod, reel, and flies you're confident will help you pull in the fish of a lifetime. You hiked in for miles, you drove for days, planned the trip all winter long, you slept in the dirt or the back of the truck, and now it's sunrise, and it's go time. But you spent all that effort just to be there and present in that place, and finally hooked that beautiful fish of your dreams, just to have it all heartbreakingly part when your connection is broken at the knot because you thought that old tippet or leader you had laying around would get the job done. We've all had it happen; we want to help you make your dreams come true and put that fish in the net. As anglers, we need options. As a leading outfitter, we at Orvis pride ourselves on supplying enthusiasts throughout the world with all the tools needed to attain the piscatorial dreams of a wide range of angling types and target species.
  • Fishing Tools &...

    Don't get caught without the right fly-fishing tools and gadgets on your next fishing adventure. Browse our collection and discover an assortment of handy fly-fishing accessories and tools, including tippet spool holders, catch-and-release tools, and rod mounting racks to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Tired of struggling with tricky nail knots? Or threading tiny flies in low-light conditions? You won’t have to deal with those trying tasks anymore with our popular tools that help you complete them in a fraction of the time it normally takes. And we offer many more of these clever gadgets to make your fishing experience a breeze. Our fly-fishing tools also make great gifts for angling friends and loved ones.

  • Fly Boxes
    Discover a wide assortment of fly boxes designed to help keep you organized on the water. Choose from floating, adjustable, super-slim, and other styles of fly boxes for freshwater and saltwater flies. Our larger fly boxes are great for organizing big baitfish patterns and streamers. The smaller, compact boxes are ideal for keeping your nymphs and dry flies safe and dry. These fly boxes also come with multiple sleeves so you can store a variety of fly patterns in one box. For the angler who is looking for a do-it-all box, be sure to look at our adjustable fly boxes. Fly boxes make excellent gifts for anglers, and our selection includes styles for both saltwater and freshwater enthusiasts.
  • Waders & Wading Gear
    Orvis provides the highest quality waders and wading gear in the fishing industry. Cutting-edge technology meets style and comfort in our fishing waders—they're simply the best on the market. Explore our selection of waders and wading gear to find exactly what you need to stay dry and comfortable while fishing your favorite water. Our fishing waders come in a variety of styles and sizes for both men and women. Silver Sonic fishing waders are designed with welded seam construction to keep you dry while wading. Bootfoot waders help to keep your feet warm in the coldest conditions, making them perfect for anglers who enjoy fishing in cold climates. Choose from our line of fishing waders and find the comfort and durability you need when on the water.
  • Fly-Fishing Packs & Bags

    Orvis fishing packs, vests, and luggage are designed to keep your fishing essentials safe and organized on and off the water. The Safe Passage Sling Pack has become our most popular style of fishing pack. The single shoulder design allows more casting freedom while keeping your fishing gear out of the way until you need it. Complete with large capacity storage compartments, ventilated back panel, strategically placed water bottle holder, fly drying patch, and a tool attachment system—these fishing packs have it all. For anglers who prefer the comfort of a waist pack, our hip packs bring high-performance hiking pack technology to the river. The lightweight design ensures all day comfort while leaving your upper body free to cast naturally. We also include fishing vests in this collection, tried and true originals that allow anglers to keep all fishing essentials within close reach. Engineered with rugged fabric and ample cargo space, these timeless fishing vests are built to perform year after year. If you are a traveling angler, our fishing luggage provides the protection and durability you need to safely transport valuable fishing essentials. Crafted from high-quality materials, our fishing luggage is built to last. Our Safe Passage Carry It All luggage meets the demands of any traveling angler. Designed as carry-on luggage, the Safe Passage Carry It All boasts several padded compartments to safely secure rods, reels, and terminal tackle. Or choose one of our durable and weather-resistant fishing backpacks for more versatility. The large compartments and rod holder allow you to safely haul all your fishing gear, rain or shine. From carrying camera gear across the flats to transporting rods through the airport terminal, our collection of fishing luggage is designed to keep your gear protected and organized. However you prefer to transport your fishing gear, our fishing packs, vests, and luggage are guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

  • Fishing Clothing
    Orvis offers the highest quality technical fishing clothing on the market. By combining cutting edge technology with more than 150 years of experience, our line of fishing clothing will keep you comfortable in all fishing environments. Explore our selection of fishing clothing and find exactly what you need for your next fishing adventure. Our assortment of clothing has everything from lightweight quick drying shirts to technical outerwear that is skillfully designed to keep you on the water longer. Choose from our popular series of Drirelease® clothing. These fishing shirts combine a relaxed style with unmatched comfort. The soft lightweight fabricate dries four times faster than cotton and wicks moisture away from your skin so you stay cool and dry in hot or humid climates. Complete your warm weather fishing outfit with our Jackson Quick-Dry Pants. The lightweight fabric has a streamlined fit for an active lifestyle allowing you to stay cool when pursuing fish in warmer fishing conditions. Constructed with quick drying material these fishing pants are ideal for wet wading as well as making long treks to your favorite fishing destination. Add versatility to your fishing apparel with the Drift Hooded Jacket. Designed with Primaloft® Hi-Loft insulation, the Drift Hooded Jacket provides excellent heat retention without the weight. The lightweight durable design is perfect for early morning or evening fishing excursions. Stay dry on the water with our selection of premium wading jackets. Redesigned to accommodate all your fishing needs, these are not your average fishing jackets. The updated Sonic Tailwaters Jacket is designed using sonic seam welding technology to ensure maximum waterproofness and durability. This full feature jacket boasts oversized storage pockets, fleece lined hand warming pockets and the Dolphin skin cuff system gives you a water tight seal against water intrusion. Regardless of the season or your fishing location, Orvis offers quality clothing you can rely on for years to come.
  • Fishing Sunglasses
    Change the way you see the water when you wear a pair of our superior fishing sunglasses. Fishing sunglasses are quite possibly one of the most important pieces of equipment on the water. Not only do they offer protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, they also help anglers pick out fish below the water's surface. Our line of fishing sunglasses has you covered for all types of fishing situations. If you're looking for high-performance lens technology with a classic frame style, then look no further. Choose from a variety of lens colors including yellow, amber, smoke, green, mirror style, and many more. Enhance your vision on the water and start seeing the fish before you cast with our line of polarized fishing sunglasses.
  • Fly Fishing Gifts

    Pack them up and send ‘em out on the water—our collection of fly-fishing gifts includes plenty to spoil the angler on your list. From wind-, water-, and weather-resistant jackets, vests, and wading pants to packs made to carry all their favorite tools and gear, there’s plenty to brag about in this impressive collection. Speaking of bragging, imagine the look on your favorite angler’s face as they recount the tale of the trophy fish they netted with skills honed at an Orvis Fly-Fishing School—they’ll thank you graciously and often for that gift of adventure. Upgrade their fly rod and reel or give them a spare to tuck away in their truck for the days they can wade during lunch break. Keep them entertained in the off-season with our fly-tying guides and kits, and remind them year ‘round of fair-weather days and feisty fish with sporting-themed barware and home décor that reflects a love of the water—you’ll find fishing scenes, fly motifs, and trophy trout throughout this collection. Discover fly-fishing equipment, wading gear, tools, outerwear, experiences, and more in our gifts for anglers.

  • Orvis Logo Shop

    Show your passion for the sporting life with shirts, hats, ball caps, accessories, and more that feature a neatly displayed Orvis logo. An appealing retro Orvis logo makes your ball cap or shirt pop, while a modern trout logo is sure to start conversations with anglers and non-anglers alike. You love dogs, and so do we; celebrate your love of dogs with clothing and accessories that include canine imagery to make you smile. You’ll find many of your favorite shirts and accessories in the Orvis Logo Shop; discover the best outdoor clothing, spruced up with a variety of Orvis logos and built to withstand anything you ask of it.

  • Golden Dorado Fishing

    Golden Dorados fly fishing offers what many consider to be the best freshwater fly fishing experience. Blade-sharp conical teeth, powerful colossal jaws, and a hardcore predator mentality combine to create the force behind the Golden Dorado. Fishing for Golden Dorado is an ideal activity for the adventurous fisherman looking for an experience with a lot of adrenaline.

  • European Nymphing

    Euro-style nymphing is a surefire way to land more trout, and our European Nymphing Collection is brimming with the rods, line, and flies you need to get started. Entice subsurface feeders with the ideal Euro-nymphing flies—a little weight here, a bit of flash there, and you’ll earn that telltale tug on the line. Our collection includes seasoned anglers’ favorite nymphing patterns. These flies are proven to perform, cast after cast. Catch the attention of even the most selective trout with realistic flies that sink quickly to win strikes.

    Our Euro-Nymphing Collection also includes rods with impressive feel and deadly accuracy perfectly suited to the technique. These rods provide the sensitivity to promptly detect strikes, and the backbone to land the catch. Finish your rig with nymph line meant to keep things tight and indicator tippet that offers plenty of visibility. Explore gear that conforms to competitive equipment standards, or combine techniques to create a Euro-inspired rig to suit your style.

  • Spin Fishing Gear
    Our spin-fishing rods offer incredible versatility for anglers fishing for a variety of species. Offered in many different styles and sizes, we have spin-fishing rods for all situations. Engineered with ceramic guides and a composite reel seat, our travel spin rods come complete with triangular rod tubes. Our surf-casting spinning rods are ideal for casting large lures in the toughest conditions and are perfect for making long casts past the breakers. Choose one of our combo fishing outfits that combines the proper reel with your spin rod to ensure smooth casting while on the water. Available in different lengths and weights, our spin-fishing rods cover anglers looking for striped bass in the surf and those hunting small-mouth bass in the shallows.

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Fly Fishing: Welcome to Orvis Fly Fishing At Orvis, we strive to bring you the finest fly-fishing gear in the industry. Our newest line of products blends cutting-edge technology with style and comfort to bring you the best fly-fishing gear on the market. Explore our wide variety of fly-fishing gear and find exactly what you need for your next fly-fishing adventure. Our selection of fly-fishing gear includes waders, boots, wading jackets, fly packs, fly rods and reels, fly lines, and tools and accessories so you are prepared when on the water. Dependable gear is something that all fly-fishing enthusiasts need. Orvis products are made from the finest materials and - backed by the Orvis Guarantee. With our large assortment of fly-fishing gear to choose from, we have something valuable for all fly anglers of all abilities.