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Hair: With the right fly-tying hair you can create endless fly patterns that produce fish. Our selection of fly-tying hair offers a wide range of natural and synthetic materials for every fly-tying application. Elk hair is a staple tying material for creating some of the most productive dry flies—it's ideal for tying muddler heads, caddis wings, and tails. Our elk hair comes in several colors and sizes, allowing you to tie a variety of dry flies. Comparadun hair is some of the finest hair used in fly tying. Ideal for tying small duns and micro-caddis, this fly-tying hair is often the preferred choice because of its fine texture, straightness, and buoyancy. Comparadun hair is also essential for tying the Sparkle Dun and X-Caddis patterns. Tie big dry flies and poppers with our colorful selection of spun deer hair. This fly-tying hair spins easily and it’s the ideal choice for tying bass bugs, hoppers, and terrestrials. An essential ingredient for tying anything from split wing dry files to bonefish patterns, our calf body hair is the perfect material for tying posts into dry flies. Calf tail hair is a finer, more crinkly material, making it the ideal choice for tying smaller Wulff-style dry files. For those who prefer tying larger fly patterns, such as streamers and saltwater baitfish, arctic goat fur helps create a strike-enticing motion in the water. Extremely soft and long, with a very fine diameter, this fly-tying hair gives lifelike action to streamers and tube flies. If you're searching for the best collection of fly-tying hair look no further: explore our selection of premium fly-tying hair and find the quality you demand.