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Cements & Epoxies: Protect and perfect your flies with our collection of fly tying epoxy, cements, and glues—our premium products keep your flies intact after leaving the vise. Bring your fly patterns together with Liquid Fusion fly-tying glue—a non-toxic, clear urethane, 100% waterproof, and fast-drying glue that thins with water. This tying glue is excellent for coating shrimp backs and nymph wing cases, and for reinforcing fragile feathers. It can also be used as a deep penetrating head cement. Liquid Fusion dries clear and glossy just like epoxy, without the hassle of mixing. Pair this fly-tying glue with our classic epoxy dryer and complete your fly patterns like a professional. The Orvis Classic Epoxy dryer is the most effective fly-tying tool to evenly cure epoxy on your flies. The five-rpm motor turns at the perfect speed to cure two-part epoxy resins. Make epoxy-type flies without the headache and mess of mixing. Softex is a transparent, viscous adhesive that gives flies a pliable, realistic feel. There is no need to rotate your flies when using this fly-tying epoxy. The special self-leveling formula sets in seconds and will never peel, crack, or discolor. Softex is an excellent fly-tying epoxy for covering eyes or flashy materials. Secure 3-D eyes with Zap Gel. This waterproof, strong bond fly-tying glue is extremely easy to use and is thick enough to stay in place when affixing eyes to baitfish patterns. Zap-A-Gap is a famous waterproof superglue and a fly-tying staple. Essential for adding durability to flies, this fly-tying glue does it all: anchors bead chain eyes, reinforces deer hair bass flies, secures foam bodies, and seals the end of fly lines. Create the perfect fly head with our selection of head cements. Our fly-tying cements are quick drying and penetrate deeply into the thread, providing a long-lasting fly head. Our water based fly-tying cement dries clear and thins with water for easier use with tiny flies. These fly-tying cements offer a solid bond to protect your flies cast after cast. Explore our collection of fly-tying cements, epoxies, and glues, and add unmatched realism and durability to your favorite fly patterns.