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When it comes to tying effective flies, premium fly-tying feathers make all the difference. Our selection of high quality feathers is sure to satisfy even your most demanding fly-tying needs. Here you'll find excellent options for a wide range of fly-tying applications. One of the most useful and versatile feathers a nymph tier can have is the Pheasant Tail. These versatile feathers are used for tying tails, legs, and herl bodies. Our Pheasant Tail feathers are available in several colors to match the natural appearance of different aquatic insects. Peacock Feathers are another widely used fly-tying feather and a key ingredient for tying wet and dry flies. These feathers have a unique shine and texture, making them the ideal choice for tying bodies and wings. Peacock herl is an essential component of flies like the Copper John, Prince nymph, and Zug Bug. Enhance your dry fly patterns and match almost any hatch with our selection of high-quality CDC feathers. Naturally waterproof and buoyant, these feathers keep your fly high and balanced on the water's surface. CDC feathers are a must-have for tying realistic dry fly patterns. Add strike enticing movement to saltwater and spey flies with our selection of marabou feathers. These premium-grade fly-tying feathers are essential for tying large baitfish imitations. Our Barred Marabou has specialty dyed brilliant colors with perfect, even, and consistent barring to give your fly patterns a natural look. Explore our collection of fly-tying feathers and find exactly what you need to make your fly creations the best they can be.