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Lights & Magnifiers: Bring your flies into focus and add a little extra lighting with the fly tying magnifiers and lamps in our collection. A little optical boost can be handy while tying those tiny dries or attempting to get ribbing just so—our magnifying lamps offer precision at the bench for each intricate loop. Time ticks away while you’re fumbling with the line. Hold-ups fighting with tangles or replacing your tippet mean fewer fish on the hook. Bring our fly-fishing magnifiers on every trip so you can spend more time with your line in the water and less time squinting at it. Extend your fishing trip into the evening hours with magnification tools to make focusing on flies easier, even in the setting sun. Flip down your magnifiers or grab your magnifying fishing glasses for clearer sight on or off the water. Explore our magnification and lighting solutions, indispensable tools at the bench and on the water.