Dry Flies & Emergers


  • Mayflies

    We offer an abundance of mayfly flies for a variety of situations—several of them excellent for when the ubiquitous BWO and Trico hatch is on, especially when the trout are being picky. They float well and hold up to repeated use and abuse. Our collection includes classic, well-made dry flies, consistent winners any time of the day. Choose several to take full advantage of the Sulphur mayfly hatch; they’re particularly helpful since they have exceptional visibility on the surface. These flies are good for catching those elusive big browns; brookies like them, too. Try one of these when you’re getting skunked all around trying everything else in your fly box, and you’ll see nonstop action. Our collection includes useful hard body terrestrials, as well as substantial flies for rough water on western rivers.

  • Caddisflies

    Our collection of caddis fly flies offers tried and true classic fly patterns, including the Elk Wing Caddis dry fly, which beautifully imitates the prolific natural caddis fly. It floats well and it’s visible, even in the riffles. Use it to snag some browns, 'bows, and brookies. Or try one of our effective emerger patterns which imitate the caddis flies at their most vulnerable stage. While caddis emergers are notoriously difficult to see when they’re down in the film, our flies are designed for visibility in the process of drawing strikes.

  • Stoneflies

    When you’re dry fly fishing during a big stonefly hatch or salmonfly hatch—and even at other times—try our stonefly attractor flies. With exceptional visibility on the surface, they float well and hold up over time. Made of superior-quality materials and in great color patterns, they'll always rank among your go-to flies. They’re also good for prospecting when you don’t know what else to use. Our stimulator pattern is ideal for windy days and fast water. Use it to catch trout, bluegill, bass, and pike minnows. Our golden stonefly dry fly is a must-have for anybody lucky enough to fish spectacular western rivers lined with golden stones.

  • Attractor
    Get the attention of hungry fish with attractor flies made to mimic a wide variety of bugs—without being too specific—for more success on the water. As much as we try to match the hatch, sometimes we’re stumped or the flies we choose just don’t do the trick, but the trip need not be a bust. Attractor dry fly patterns are perfect for prospecting when the general ‘bugginess’ of a fly might be more enticing than representing a specific hatch. Draw in curious trout with these colorful simulator flies that offer a silhouette suggesting a tasty food source at the surface. Make the most of the exaggerated features and grab the attention of hungry fish to earn more strikes, with attractor flies made to resemble delicacies fish can’t resist.
  • Terrestrial

    Trout feed on terrestrials throughout most of the prime angling season, particularly during the late summer months as they blunder into streams and other water. Likewise, hoppers and crickets—among many fishes’ favorite forage—often end up in rivers through late summer and early fall. Our hopper and cricket fly patterns imitate the real thing like magic. Our foam hoppers are effective when fishing fast current. Our other terrestrial dry flies, including our beetle and ant fly patterns, are big producers as well. And you'll find bug flies in a variety of sizes to mimic regional species.

  • Midges Flies

    A midge dry fly may not look like much, but you’re sure to attract a fish with these tiny fly patterns in your arsenal. Midges hatch year round, so you’ll always see them on the water, even when other insects aren’t active. A flashy fly during a nearly bugless winter fishing trip is a sure way to alert the more clever fish to your ploy. There is an easy option for winter—and year-round—fishing success. Hungry fish aren’t above snacking on prevalent midges, especially when they’re gathering atop the water within easy reach. Food is food, and midges make up a large portion of the trout’s diet. Don’t relegate your midge flies to cold-weather use only: Add these useful patterns to your box for successful catches in any season.

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Dry Flies & Emergers: While trout are notoriously selective feeders, emergers are tempting for them and account for a large portion of their diet. So why not capitalize on this phenomenon by using our beautifully crafted dry flies designed for just that purpose? Available in different sizes, these fly-fishing emerger flies realistically imitate spring mayflies, caddis, and midges, later in the season. Their versatility places them among the most useful fly-fishing flies to keep in your box. Proven and consistent producers, these flies should be your go-to patterns for top-water action.