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Legs & Wings & Tails: Adding legs, wings and tails gives your fly creations the buggy look they need to catch more fish—if you're searching for the best collection of these essential fly tying materials, look no further. Add silicone legs to nymph patterns and large dry flies—they're a superb tying material for adding legs to nymphs, foam dry patterns, poppers, and crab flies. Made from 100% silicone, these tying legs will not degrade when exposed to UV light. We offer several types of tying legs to choose from, including flutter legs to create a tantalizing wiggle when moving through the water; their flat shape produces a fluttering effect that fish can’t resist. These silicone rubber tying legs are perfect for streamers, large dry flies, bass poppers, and more. Incorporate thin skin into your fly-tying arsenal to create life-like wings and wing casings on nymphs and dry flies. Thin skin is a synthetic fly-tying material that is stretchable, transparent, and extremely effective for tying nymph wing cases and backs for scuds and shrimp. One side is matte and the other shiny; thin skin provides an underwater flash that attracts fish while the transparency adds lifelike realism. Medallion Sheeting is another material that's ideal for adding realistic wings to your fly patterns. Made from a thin film with a slightly mottled look, this material allows you to tie flawless wings and wing cases. For flies that sit a little lower in the water, our high-floating parachute post material is great for spinner wings, emerger wing cases, and split-wing dry flies. Treated with Water Shed for buoyancy, this fly-tying wing material is sure to keep your flies riding high. Our mayfly tails are a go-to tying material for adding lifelike tails to dry flies. These ultra-fine fibers are naturally tapered, making them ideal for creating tails, legs, and feelers on small and large mayfly imitations. Add strike-enticing action to nymphs and streamers with articulated wiggle tail shanks, specifically designed to add lifelike tail action. Add more life to your fly-tying patterns with our selection of fly-tying legs, wings, and tails.