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Dubbing: Dubbing is a must-have fly-tying material to add lifelike buggy effects to your fly patterns. Our assortment offers several high-quality dubbing materials, including natural and synthetic varieties to help you achieve your desired effect. Our Natural Blended Fur Dubbing is easy to work with and makes a perfect choice for tying more realistic nymph patterns. It also adds natural buoyancy to your dry flies. This dubbing is especially good for tying Hare's Ear nymphs, Adams dry flies, and more. Spectrablend Dubbing is an excellent fly-tying material for tying both nymphs and dry flies. This dubbing material incorporates translucent and reflective fibers, adding sparkle to any fly body. Available as a dry fly dubbing or nymph dubbing, Spectrablend is a versatile material that will help you create more realistic dry fly and nymph patterns. Add attention grabbing flash to your flies with Senyo's Laser Dub. This unique dubbing material combines just the right mix of flash material and synthetic fiber. This dubbing material is great choice for tying eggs, sculpin, muddler heads, bodies, collars, and veils. The durable, long fibers are easy to use and ideal for tying larger streamer flies. Or add realistic detail to your favorite fly patterns with Ice Dubbing. It's an excellent material for tying dry flies, nymphs, and streamers, and presents enticing sparkle to striking fish. Explore our collection of dubbing materials and start tying unique, high-quality fly patterns that catch fish.