European Nymphing

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European Nymphing:

Euro-style nymphing is a surefire way to land more trout, and our European Nymphing Collection is brimming with the rods, line, and flies you need to get started. Entice subsurface feeders with the ideal Euro-nymphing flies—a little weight here, a bit of flash there, and you’ll earn that telltale tug on the line. Our collection includes seasoned anglers’ favorite nymphing patterns. These flies are proven to perform, cast after cast. Catch the attention of even the most selective trout with realistic flies that sink quickly to win strikes.

Our Euro-Nymphing Collection also includes rods with impressive feel and deadly accuracy perfectly suited to the technique. These rods provide the sensitivity to promptly detect strikes, and the backbone to land the catch. Finish your rig with nymph line meant to keep things tight and indicator tippet that offers plenty of visibility. Explore gear that conforms to competitive equipment standards, or combine techniques to create a Euro-inspired rig to suit your style.