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We choose our premium fly-tying hackle carefully, from the finest materials. Hackle is a key ingredient for tying nymph and soft hackle flies, and is an essential component of many new and traditional dry flies. Our Hungarian Partridge Skins are among the best materials for this job. The fine-grade Keough hackle feathers are perfect for tying tiny nymphs and creating spinner wings on dry flies. These high quality hen necks are a must-have material for any serious fly tier. Guinea feathers are a traditional hackle and great for tying a myriad of fly patterns. These ultra-select feathers have beautiful markings and make great hackles for steelhead, stillwater, and streamer patterns. The Whiting American Hackle Cape makes tying bigger flies fun and easy. This hackle provides a dense barb, stiff quill and webbing—ideal for saltwater tying applications. Dress up your streamer patterns with Mirror Wrap. This is, without a doubt, the brightest synthetic hackle available. Just a few strands and a couple wraps are all that’s needed to enhance almost any fly. This popular synthetic fly-tying material is a great choice for adding collars to saltwater patterns and spey flies. The best streamer hackle for creating no-fouling flies is our Strung Neck Hackle. The wider shape and thicker stem of this hackle prevent the hackles from fouling around the bend of the hook. Available in a variety of colors, this material is a favorite among saltwater fly tiers. For the ultimate in stiff hackle for high-floating traditional dry flies, choose Whiting 100s packs or Whiting half capes. The 100s packs give you enough hackle to tie about 100 flies of the same size, so they're great if you tie in a narrow size range. For tying dry flies in sizes 10 through 28, choose the Whiting half capes, which offer the full range of sizes. Whether you prefer tying standard freshwater fly patterns or exotic baitfish imitations, our selection of natural and synthetic hackle material has something for almost every fly-tying application.