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"No Knots" Super Strong Nylon Leader System

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Add this fly-fishing leader kit to your vest to save time on the water.

Size: 6X
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The No Knots™ fishing leader line system allows you to take full advantage of the turnover power and supple characteristics of Bimini tippets and switch tippet sizes without having to spend valuable stream time tying tippet-to-leader knots. Everything you need, including two knotless leaders with perfection loops on both ends, five perfection-looped Bimini tippets on a spool, and simple instructions. Leaders are 6' in length, taper down to either 0X or 2X (depending on the tippet size), and feature a loop connection to both the fly line and the tippet sections. The Bimini tippets are 5' in length, come in sizes 3X-7X, and connect to the end of the leader via a loop-to-loop connection. Fishing leader line in olive. Made in USA. Sizes: 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X.


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