Oros Indicators Medium
  • Oros Indicators Medium
  • Oros Indicators
  • Oros Indicators Medium
  • Oros Strike Indicators | eflyshop ORVIS Argentina Full Dealer
  • Oros Strike Indicators | eflyshop ORVIS Argentina Full Dealer

Oros Indicators

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Fish with the best of the best using Oros strike indicators.



  • Streamlined design with no small, exposed parts for balanced casting that’s tangle free
  • Smooth surface repels dirt and water to prevent drag
  • Secure pressure-fit lock won’t cause kinks
  • Oversized threads for easy install
  • Mix and match top and bottom colors for optimal visibility
  • Excellent float weight capacity
  • Biodegradable additive accelerates biodegradation with prolonged exposure in natural environments (not in normal use), helping keep our waters cleaner

Oros strike indicators are an essential, streamlined. Simple, effective, and easy to use, Oros indicators enclose all hardware inside two smooth, dirt- and water-repellent foam hemispheres, preventing kinks and tangles and reducing drag while maintaining an excellent float weight capacity. Just place the line into the screw slot and screw the top on, repositioning with a half twist as needed. The oversized threads make installation effortless while the pressure-fit lock ensures it stays put and is balanced on your line.


Sizes small (0.65") line weights 5X and lower, medium (0.85") 4X or lower, and large (1.05") 3X or lower.